Celebrating The Good Times, All The Time

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We treasure the little things that bring people together. From birthdays, associate parties, anniversaries to grand celebrations, we celebrate the good times and take care of our own.

Central to any sustainable business is how a company treats its own community of internal stakeholders: its associates. Happy associates in turn, make happy customers.

Beyond the service chain, we strive to enhance our associates’ well-being through diversity, satisfaction, health, safety, and welfare. We measure employee satisfaction biannually through a formal survey to improve communication, understand perceptions of the work environment and take action to make Banyan Tree a better place to work.

“We have envisaged more than the idea of a tourist attraction. We have envisaged the idea of a thriving organic community of people…not only a means of livelihood, a community, a home, a family.” – Mr Ho Kwon Ping, Founder and Executive Chairman, Banyan Tree Holdings