Assistant Laundry Manager

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Job Description:
Oversees and directs all aspects of overall laundry operations which shall include all House Laundry, Guest Laundry, and Dry Cleaning activities.
1. Supervises Laundry Supervisor, to ensure that highest possible hygiene and finish standard of hotel linen is maintained at all times.
2. Inspect Guest Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Press work on daily basis, to ensure optimum quality of work, prompt pick-up and on-time delivery of garments.
3. Coordinates with Executive Housekeeper and Director of Food & Beverage to ensure that there is an adequate supply of linen and uniforms available at all times, in particular on weekends/ holiday, when laundry is closed.
4. Monitors wash formulas and use of washroom chemicals in order to maintain whiteness and brightness of linen and to ensure linen is returned to user departments free of stains and unpleasant odours.
5. Maintain records of wash rejects and in case of excessive reject rates, improves wash formulas accordingly.
6. Ensure that type of laundry chemicals used are in line with the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts environmental recommendations.
7. Reviews the laundry’s environmental performance and achievements twice a year.
8. On an annual basis, checks with local environmental authorities for new code requirements.
9. Develops and implements standard operating procedures, as well as production and quality standards.
10. Check constantly all laundry and dry cleaning equipment, to ensure that machines are kept clean, properly maintained and in efficient operating condition.
11. Prepares maintenance requisitions and maintains a follow-up file to ensure that equipment does not fall into disrepair.
12. Schedules working times in a way to optimise production, utilisation of equipment as well as utilisation of water and energy.
13. Proposes/ implements in coordination with the Chief Engineer, possible energy savings in the laundry and dry cleaning department.
14. Assist Purchasing and Housekeeping in analysis and selection of new linens and uniforms.
15. Control and analyses, on an ongoing basis, departmental labor and material costs to ensure performance against budget.

Job Requirements:
• Required 3 to 7 years of relevant working experience.
• Minimum Diploma graduate
• Good English language skills
• Ability to work a persona computer
• Strong organisational skills
• Ability to lead, motivate and develop a team of individuals
• Ability to cope with pressure

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