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Food & Beverage

1. Provides guidance and assistance to the outlet employees helping them in the execution of their duties and responsibilities. 提供指导和援助,以帮助部门员工在执行其职责和责任。

2. Oversees the service standards in the outlet ensuring that they conform to the requisite standards and meet or exceed customer expectations. 监督服务标准的部门确保它们符合必要的标准和达到或超过客户的期望。

3. Liases with the kitchen, stewarding, bars, housekeeping and engineering to ensure that the operation runs smoothly in areas of joint responsibility. 联络与厨房,管事部,酒吧,客房,工程,以确保运作顺利的领域的共同责任。

4. Prepares duty rosters, and implements vacation and public holiday schedules. 准备工作地点名册,并执行休假及公众假期时间表。

5. Assists in the planning and execution of promotional activities as directed. 协助规划和执行宣传活动的指示。

6. Maximises revenue in the outlet by implementing upselling proceedures. 在实施促销使最大化的经销收入继续下去。

7. Monitors and controls the financial performance of the outlet controlling costs and expenses. 监测和控制财政执行情况的出口控制成本和费用。

8. Participates in the preparation of the outlet’s annual departmental budget as directed. 参与编写出的年度部门预算的指示。

9. Assists in monitoring and controlling the hotel’s OE inventory and participates in inventory taking. 协助监测和控制酒店的光电清单,并参加库存考虑。

10. Conducts frequent front and back of house checks ensuring mise-en-place, service procedures, standards of cleanliness and hygiene, repair and maintenance, associate grooming and manning levels are in order and takes appropriate action where necessary. 进行频繁的正面和背面的内部检查,确保充电的地方,服务程序,标准的清洁和卫生,维修和保养,员工人手疏导和水平,并在必要时以便采取适当行动。

11. Assists in the maintenance of efficient administration preparing and submitting reports on time as directed. 协助维持有效率的行政编制和提交报告,作指示。

12. Assists in the selection, training and evaluation of subordinate associates.协助挑选,培训和评价下属员工。

13. Coaches, counsels, disciplines and develops subordinate associates.指导,建议,训练和发展下属员工 。

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